Conch bay, hurricane, hidden lake small build At the nanhu campus of China university of mining and technology, students set up creative "houses" to be displayed. The materials of these houses are mainly corrugated paper, with wood and connecting components, it can be said that the smart "post" made of cardboard.

This is the final of the first construction festival of China university of mining and technology with the theme of "post station street". At the scene of the display, the reporter saw, the same plate in the hands of different participants were transformed into different clever "life", some on the theme "station street" this Angle of far-reaching conception, some on the construction of the pursuit of innovation, some rich move feeling on the body.

Game requires each group on the provisions of land, with 50 m 1 m size 1, corrugated paper, wood, connecting components within three days to build the interpretation of the scale of the relationship between space and people, can accommodate two people to experience the "post".

The competition attracted 120 teams of more than 500 students from 11 colleges and 11 entries to the final.